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Comments: Rage states: Low = 1-24, Medium = 25-49, High = 50
Still missing some rage states and charm populations
Comments: Please report inaccurate minimum luck values here
Comments: Proc rates for Labyrinth/Minotaur/Treasure Seeker Base and Compass Magnet Charm are set to 50%
Comments: Assumptions that were made when narrowing down populations can be found here
Comments: Please report inaccurate minimum luck values (particularly for Storm Dragons) here
Comments: QQ/Inferna/Nachous effs are currently set to 520%
Comments: 'Crew' and 'Ringleaders' sublocations use placeholder attraction data (since each Wanted Poster is different)
Comments: Salt level is believed to be logarithmically related to Grub & Scarab power values
The current formulas are approximations based on data from tehhowch
Comments: Many power and eff values are still missing or speculative
Event mouse data is liable to change on a yearly basis
Refer to this spreadsheet for the latest research
Simple placeholder ARs are used: 100% / number of mice
Comments: Eff values for Stormsurge, Bruticus, Corkataur, and Emberstone are currently set to 600% (Kalor at 900%)
Please report incorrect minimum luck values or drastically inaccurate catch rates
Comments: Pirate Crew attraction rates will vary depending on your current manifest
Comments: Eff values for Soldier of the Shade & Bulwark of Ascent are still speculative
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